2018 was the “annus horribilis” for IT security, with thousand of violation cases..

For instance the famous Marriot hotel chain was violated, with a data loss of 500 million people; instead from British Airways data from 380.000 clients were stolen.

In Italy the cyber attacks have reached 140 per day with more than +500% alerts from the Privacy Guarantor and the 2019 trend is not different.

Cryptography becomes helpful to adequately protect critical company data and sensitive personal data.

The data contained in the information systems are not same as they might bear different relevance.  Those with security knowledge know that it is not possible to guarantee the total impregnability of IT systems. However we can ensure that the most valuable data, even if “touched” by a security breach, will remain impregnable.

The encryption is the use of algorithms to transform readable data into an unreadable format for those who are not authorized to do so.

At Skybackbone we are able to build the correct encryption for your systems and databases, using both embedded and third parts solutions. It is important to know the pros and the cons of encryption, carefully measuring the impact on the systems and on the production of your company, without neglecting an accurate attention on the use of encryption keys. 

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