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Know your weaknesses is important to structure a targeted and effective defense.
Evaluating the security of the informatic system, validating and methodically verifying the effectiveness of the controls allows you not to be a victim of a possible cyber attack.

The VA / PT analysis, performed guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards of confidentiality, allows companies to understand vulnerabilities, the degree of exposure to attacks and to intervene with preventive Remediation actions.


Systems vulnerabilities, deficiencies technical and organizational


Exploitation of vulnerabilities and configuration of possible attack scenarios


Detailed analysis of results and Remediations with a CyberSecurity specialist

Cybersecurity Team
with a dedicated technical account

International Standards Compliance

Report presented by the expert who carried out the analysis

Keep your systems under control with



Two types of analysis, one goal: the security of one’s information assets.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identification and assessment of the information systems’ security within the company perimeter with respect to all potential known vulnerabilities.

Penetration Test

Cyber attack controlled against all the services exposed on the internet to verify the degree of compromise.

We analyze vulnerabilities related to:

– Asset Management
– Patch Management
– Event Monitoring
– Password Policy
– Default Credentials

– Antimalware effectiveness
– System encryption
– Least Privilege
– Application Whitelisting
– Systems obsolescence

We perform the following activities:

– Discovery of tools and frameworks
– Manual check on risky services
– OSSTMM / OWASP standard manual analysis
– Reiteration of attacks

Discussion of the results with the CyberSecurity Expert and Action Plan with the estimated effort for the mitigation of the vulnerabilities detected.

Evaluate the security of your systems against all known vulnerabilities!