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Entrepreneurs who have not yet made a Disaster Recovery plan are probably convinced that a disastrous event cannot happen to their systems.

Unfortunately, the real problem is not if it will happen, but when! Being prepared for that moment is often decisive for business.

The absolute importance of information systems makes us reflect on a number of issues regarding investments related to their safety and preservation. Even more important is to rely on those who are able to:


Possible adverse scenarios
(Risk Assessment)


At the base the appropriate


A security strategy to ensure business continuity

High availability

Cloud Backup

Disaster Recovery

Assure business continuity with services

RBaaS - DRaaS

RBaaS - DRaaS

RBaaS (Remote Backup as a service) and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a service) are managed services. This means that there will always be a team of specialists to take care of the correct functioning of the services and to respond quickly to your needs.


Data protection with encryption

Cloud Backup safe from Ransomware


Business Critical Systems Disaster Protection

Quick restart of IT systems on the Disaster Recovery Site in the Cloud

Protect customer Business Critical service data by saving it in the Cloud, safe from malware, cybercriminals and disastrous events.

A managed Disaster Recovery (DR) service that allows rapid restart of business critical systems on a disaster site in the cloud.

You need to be resilient because information systems are the nervous system of companies and their security has the same priority as your core business.