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Risk analysis is the fundamental tool that allows you to clearly identify the threats affecting information assets, evaluates their impact and provide inputs to define and implement a risk treatment plan.

The first pieces of a Cyber Security strategy are certainly the Risk Assessment and the Risk Treatment.

Risk Assessment

It is a photograph of what to protect and what to protect yourself from”. It lays the foundations for the Risk Treatment.

Risk Treatment

It establishes how much and how to protect, in order to balance corrective actions against costs and risks and precisely target efforts and investments

Plan your security with eRISK


The eRISK service offers one of the most advanced information systems analysis plans, capable of:


The possible risks looming over
Informative system


Confidentiality, availability and integrity of IT assets


The priority corrective actions


International Standards
ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 29100:2011,
BS 7799

Standard GDPR
Adequacy of the measures implemented to protect the data processed

Risk Treatment
To contain the residual risk

eRISK directs efforts and investments quickly and effectively