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Business never stops, you do. You need automated tools that work for you even when you’re on vacation.

With our knowledge of the Systems and your knowledge of the Application we can automate activities:

  • Repetitive, ex: security updates with coordinated server restart
  • Emergency, ex: what to do when a Service crashes? We restart it automatically together with its dependencies

Many of the activities of systems engineers and programmers are now routine, but they burn up precious hours within the working day. Today it is possible to automate every aspect of IT, from the Deploy of VMs and applications to the cascade reboot of Server / Services following a Crash or update.


Start with the simple things that you’ve always put off


Ability to perform exactly the
same actions on multiple
machines, even in parallel


Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration

Today an ERP is made up of dozens of Servers and Services, what do you think of standardizing their Management?

Do you make Windows updates? Are you able to start the servers in the right order? What if a program did it for you?

Deploy a VM or an Application today are programmed with DevOps Tools



eReact is the managed service that allows you to bring DevOps capabilities into your infrastructure. With eReact you will be able to understand issues and implement successful automated corrective actions.

Management Directly from the Cloud, without the need for additional installations

Who cares:
IT Manager, System Administrators, Datacenter Managers

Solutions already in place on TOP Companies

Do other activities while our Systems work for you