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We are witnessing an exponentially growing phenomenon: more and more companies suffer devastating Ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is a category of Malware that makes inaccessible the data of infected systems and ask a ransom to be paid to restore them.

The actual attack can continue for weeks, unfortunately, those who do not invest in prevention realize that they have been the victim only when it is too late and with the information systems completely unusable.

The most sophisticated attacks begin silently, often exploiting bad system configurations or the ingenuity of some user (phishing)

Once logged in, the entire IT environment is carefully studied

Subsequently, control of the most vulnerable systems is taken, becoming administrators of the local system and then of any domain

Once you have become the “masters” of the systems, exfiltration begins, that is, the slow and constant leakage of company data.

Data loss is confused with normal navigation traffic

When the data has been stolen, the corruption of all the systems that represent the heart of the company begins with encryption of backups, databases and files on the systems

Your data is taken hostage by an encryption program and a ransom is demanded.

In some cases, a second ransom is demanded to prevent data disclosure

What happens next?

  • Business downtime for days or weeks prior to partial systems recovery
  • Paying the ransom does not guarantee that you will recover your data
  • Any data recovered could be partial or corrupted by other Malware
  • Damage to customers and suppliers image




eMalware is the managed Anti-Ransomware service that identifies and blocks any process attempting to encrypt files or exploit the resources of infected devices.

It blocks any unauthorized encryption process and can restore encrypted files from the service cache or, if the customer has adopted the RBaaS backup service, from any restore point.

Ability to create a whitelist,  a list of allowed programs, to prevent authorized activities from being falsely reported as malicious.

Monitoring of the Master Boot Record, to prevent illegitimate changes that prevent systems from booting correctly.

Protect your systems, protect your business!