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“One of Skybackbone mantras is SECURITY FIRST. Companies relying on our services can rest assured to dedicate their efforts solely to the growth of their business, without being distracted by the management of information systems and the threats that weigh on them”

Piero Malfona

Security Division Director


The main challenges are:
• users behavior;
• technological failures;
• disasters;
• cyber attacks;
• the need to comply with international regulations.

Being aware of real business risks is the first step towards identifying investment opportunities, education and social interaction.

In the consulting process follows the identification of the critical system components and their vulnerabilities.

The analysis and security intervention is STRATEGIC, structural and preventive as company Information Systems contain valuable and confidential information.

Over the years, the sensitivity on this theme has increased both from private and public institutions. This has led to the publication of a new set of national and EU privacy regulations and best practices for the management of corporate information processes.

Tools aimed at managing behaviour and compliance with regulations are an important aid in safeguarding data. 
In the majority of cases of IT breaches, the weak link is the man…indeed, putting your computers and IT environment in security cannot be just delegated to “a product”; firstly, it requires final users to hold a correct and conscious behaviour (user awareness) and, in parallel, activating management tools and procedures. We need to create a culture of cybersecurity within companies, invest in training sessions that make employees aware and make them active participants in the defense of company’s systems.

Risk Assessment AND Risk Treatment



Risk Assessment is a customized service which identifies clearly  “what to protect, from which threats and how“.

Vulnerability Assessment AND Penetration Test



Evaluate your system security compared to all the vulnerability known !

Plan your Penetration Test! 

The Penetration Test is a simulated, authorized attack, which aims to violate the systems by exploiting possible weak points and don’t be taken by surpise.





Because your company survival depends from the safety of your data. 





Preserve  your most valuable data.


Key point of information security and regulatory compliance is the establishment of policies to control and verify “privileged” access to information systems and corporate databases.
eSIEM is a service that allows you to collect, archive and query administrative accesses as required by the current Provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 2008 and in compliance with the principles of the GDPR, such as greater control, accountability and risk prevention.

eSIEM allows you to comply with the privacy legislation but what is more, it lets you to understand the dynamics of access to the systems of those that have responsibilities on the information assets. The service enables the company to create policies on granular accesses to safeguard data and focus on risk mitigation.


Business Continuity e Cyber Resilience

The neuralgic importance of information systems springs a series of questions regarding the investments related to their safety and preservation.

A system’s ability to resist an attack is a feature that, in some cases, can decide between the survival of a company or not. Being resilient means to be be prepared, anticipate possible adverse scenarios (Risk Assessment) in order to pre-assess apt countermeasures, plan a security strategy that is intimately linked to business continuity, hence to High Availability, Back-up and Disaster Recovery. Nowadays we should not be resilient by law (GDPR), but because we understand that IT is the nervous system of companies:  their security has the same priority as their core business.


Do not let anyone stop you, do not surrender to blackmail.

Cloud Security

We offer our customers Cloud environments designed to offer the greatest security, which is not even remotely achievable by most on-prem solutions.

Data centers are certified according to the most stringent regulatory standards in terms of security and business continuity.

They are equipped with UPSs and generators, physical and logical separation of environments, protection against DDoS attacks, application balancers, latest firewall and application firewalls equipped with artificial intelligence, multi-carrier connectivity, backups with control of the consistency.

Above all, there is a team of expert engineers ensuring the systems are constantly updated and monitored.

We invest resources daily to guarantee you the highest security levels.